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Fresh Refresh Shampoo 500ml

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"San Tteut" means "fresh" in Korean, describing this purifying shampoo with triple mint complex that deeply cleanses oily scalp, leaving a clean, refreshing finish after use

- The formula has milk protein, which has a high content of essential fatty acids and 52% of hydrophilic amino acids, so it boasts the best effects in increasing manageability of the body of hair along with increased hydration and elasticity.
- The product has pH level of pH5~pH5.2 which prevents external stimulation and makes the hair calm and firm.
- The formula does not contain Parabens, CMIT/MIT, sulfate-based surfactants, animal ingredients.

  1. After wetting the scalp and hair with lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and make bubbles.
  2. Apply moderate pressure to wet scalp and hair, and massage evenly.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.

Peppermint, Applemint, Spearmint

- Three types of refreshing and refreshing mint extracts help with scalp heat that causes itching and odor, and imbalance in oil-water balance.

Evening primrose, Ginseng root, Pine needles, Eugeunpi complex

- These active ingredients synergize together to protect the pores of the scalp where fine dust and waste that are easy to accumulate are absorbed.

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