Coréelle(G)I-dle[(G)I-DLE] 2Album
Coréelle(G)I-dle[(G)I-DLE] 2Album
Coréelle(G)I-dle[(G)I-DLE] 2Album
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    [(G)I-DLE] 2

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    The message of 'Let's work together and move forward' no matter what hardships and adversity may come, combined with (G)I-DLE's explosive performance armed with confidence and confidence, gives listeners a bold impression.

    Initial Release Date : January 30, 2024

    - (G)I-DLE’s second full-length album [2] is an ode to the beauty and power of the ""super lady"" with a hidden message of the number '5' becoming '2' when reversed to show strong confidence in the second full-length album with the potential for a twist and musical solidity of the five members who demonstrate the hidden energy behind them.

    - (G)I-DLE's second full-length album [2], tells the story of 'everyone' that all listeners can relate to in their own way.

    - The outer case is used for protecting the goods and damages on the box cannot be compensated.

    - The sales volume of this product is applied 100% in the charts on Apple, HANTEO, Circle, and Music Bank K, helping (G)I-DLE directly for awards and charts.

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