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The Potions

Glow With Pride Set

$36.00 $80.90
We are celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community with one of our favorite brands, The Potions! Be proud and glowy this Pride Month. ūüĆą

Love is love and skin is skin! Enjoy The Potions this month with pride and don't be afraid to show off your love and skin.

See what's in this rainbow :

Calamine Ampoule 20ml

- A highly effective soothing Calamine ampoule that visibly comforts and soothes sensitized skin from environmental stresses.

Mugwort Essence 20ml

- A lightweight, soothing Mugwort Essence with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduces inflammation and soothes sensitive skin to create healthy, glowy skin.

Q10 Ampoule 20ml

- An energizing Q10 ampoule that soothes and revitalizes uneven skin tone.

Camellia Seed Oil Serum 20ml

- A refreshing, hydrating Camellia Seed Oil Serum that creates rejuvenated, glowy skin by improving the skin’s texture and tone.

Azulene Ampoule 20ml

- An Azouline ampoule to help calm irritated skin and strengthen the skin barrier from environmental aggressors.

Apply 2-3 drops to your fingers and gently massage onto your face, neck, and/or body.

Please check the product pages for details.

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