Green Papaya pH Balanced Cleanser 150ml

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A hydrating, exfoliating cleanser made with green papaya enzyme to ensure a refreshing cleansing session.

- This cleanser removes old dead skin cells from the skin and prepares the skin texture for the next steps in your skincare routine by softening the stratum corneum.

- This product has a mildly acidic formula that helps to balance the pH of the skin.

- This cleanser has a soft, gel formulation, making it gentle for all skin types to use.

- This product has completed a skin irritation test to make sure that it is not irritating to the skin when used.

Take an appropriate amount of the cleanser onto your hands and gently lather the product before rubbing it on the face in a circular motion. Gently rinse off the product with lukewarm water.

Green Papaya Enzyme (Papain Enzyme)

- Green Papaya Enzyme helps to dissolve keratin to remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

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