Heart Goggle Moisture Mask 1ea

$3.99 $5.00
An eye and cheek mask in the shape of goggles that does not stick to hair and enables for the soothing and cooling of the “apple zone” and smile lines.

- This mask helps provide the skin with intense moisturization and has lifting effects when used on the skin.

- This product has lifting effects on the skin and creates soft skin by providing the skin with deep hydration.

- This product is recommended for those with dry, rough skin and do not like average sheet masks that fall off the face when used.

- This sheet mask has cooling and moisturizing effects on the skin, which helps to soothe irritated, sensitive skin.

1. Peel off the mask from the packaging.

2. Place the mask on your face and make sure the holes align with your face.

3. Remove the mask after 20 minutes.

4. Gently remove any glitter left on the face.

Avocado Extract

- Avocado Extract contains beta carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, and E to help moisturize and protect the skin from getting damaged from harmful UV rays.

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