Idebenone+Blackberry Complex Intense Cream 70g/100g

A multi-functional cream formulated with 63% Blackberry Complex and Idebenone (500ppm) creating powerful antioxidant properties to restore youthful-looking skin.
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- This cream has pwoerful antioxidant properties to create healthy, youthful-looking skin.
- This product delivers hydration to parched skin and helps the skin retain moisture when used.
- This cream is excellent for firming and tightening the skin to create a youthful look.
- This product has a thick, creamy texture to create hydrated, glowy skin when used.

Gently apply cream to the skin and softly pat it into the skin.

- Idebenone freshens and hydrates the skin by limiting the damage caused by free radicals, which helps to prevent premature signs of aging.

- Blackberries are loaded with antioxidants to help protect cells from harmful free radical damage to prevent early signs of aging.

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