It's Skin Power 10 Formula CO Effector (Elasticity)

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A miraculous collagen serum concentrated with vegetable collagen extracts that deeply hydrates and rejuvenates skin giving it a healthy glow. It increases skin's elasticity and vitality, making it look radiant and youthful.

- Enriched ampoule serum that contains vegetable collagen concentrate and PGA. High potency serum quenches skin thirst and reverses the effects of premature aging with the use of Phyto Collagen.
- The CO (Collagen) effector contains concentrated phytocollagen extracts that penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and hydrate. The collagen is derived from vegetables to help form moisture layers onto of the skin. Your skin will feel more elastic and put you back on the road to recovery!
- An essence, containing a botanical-based Collagen Extract, that firms skin suffering from decreased resilience while providing texture-evening care for dryness-induced fatigued skin.
- Combine use with the botanical-based collagen formula of CO Effector for boosted resilience and moisture, and Houttuynia Cordata Extract-based pore care solution, PO Effector, for even better results!

Apply 2-3 drops to clean skin and pat gently for better absorption.

Natural Phyto Collagen

- Natural Phyto Collagen helps to reduce signs of aging and improve the overall texture and firmness of the skin.

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