It's Skin Power 10 Formula GF Effector (Moisturizing)

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A moisture boosting elixir ideal for dehydrated skin types. Created to deeply hydrate, the It's Skin Power 10 Formula GF Effector is ideal for tackling dry, irritated complexions. Enhanced with a blend of natural ingredients, this unique, quick-absorbing serum provides an intense hit of hydration to soothe and restore.

- An ultra-hydrating essence, containing Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Water instead of ordinary purified water, to moisturize and soothe the skin, while the Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide promote rich moisture replenishment.
- Serum for solving age-related skin problems such as wrinkles, dull complexion, lack of moisturizing of the skin, feeling of its dryness and tightness. The serum increases the immune activity of the skin, makes it smooth and fresh, helps to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin. The serum contains collagen – the main regenerating and moisturizing skin ingredient. Maitake mushroom contains minerals that help improve the immune system of the skin, activates the growth of skin cells, helps to maintain an optimal lipid balance of the skin. Regular use of serum will help your skin look fresh, young and well-groomed!
- Combine use with the patented capsule-based moisture-replenisher, GF Effector, and the nourishing and moisturizing care of vitamin E-based VE Effector, for even better results!

Apply 2-3 drops to clean skin and pat gently for better absorption.

Ginkgo Bilboa Leaf Water

- Ginkgo Bilboa Leaf Water increases the production of skn collagen to create youthful, wrinkle-free skin.

Snow Fungus

- Snow Fungus moisturizes the skin and draws moisture to the skin to help hydrate the skin from within.

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