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Lash Correcting Mascara

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This mascara gets fixed the moment it is applied to create dazzling eyelashes that last all day.
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- Super-waterproof mascara that is strong against tears, sweat, and sebum.
- Strong enough to stay on during water sports and activities.
- Long-lasting without smudging or sagging.

- C-curls every corner of the eyelashes with a v-cutting fine-bristle brush that resembles an orthodontic toothbrush.
- Double fibers of different lengths give a neat, long, curling effect, giving the impression of eyelash extensions.
- Brings out short, damp, straight eyelashes without clumping.


- Curls the eyelashes from the roots with a zigzag curve brush resembling an interdental brush.
- Contains a volumizing powder that fills in the gaps of the eyelashes to give a voluminous effect.
- Adds a volumizing effect to thin eyelashes.

Use moderate amount and sweep the brush from lashes root to tip in zigzags.

Black Pearl Powder
- Adds depth to the black color of the mascara.

Silk Amino Acids
- Nourishes eyelashes

- Provides vitamin B to eyelashes to enhance and promote growth.

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