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Daily Safe Blackhead Clear Nose Mask [Step1 3.5g+Step2 3.5g] X10pcs

$20.00 $24.00
A mild 2-step nose pack fordaily usage that will gently melt away the sebum and tighten your pores.

- This nose mask comes in 2 steps : Step 1 gently melts away blackheads without causing irritation and Step 2 tightens the open pores.
- This product gently gets rid of blackheads in just 10 minutes.
- This nose mask is made of all natural vegan ingredients to be suitable for all skin types and lifestyles.
- This product can be used on a daily basis without causing irritation.

1. After washing the face, place the Step 1 mask sheet on the area with blackheads for 10-15 minutes to gently dissolve the accumulated sebum in the pores.
2. Remove the Step 1 mask and wipe the softened sebum from inner areas out with the cotton swab provided.
3. Leave the Step 2 mask on for 10 minutes to shrink and calm the pores.

Witch Hazel Extract
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Centella Asiatica Extract
- Centella Asiatica Extract is effective in soothing, moisturizing, and alleviating skin damage, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and redness of skin.

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