Mellow Mild Milk Cleanser 200ml
Mellow Mild Milk Cleanser 200ml
Mellow Mild Milk Cleanser 200ml
Mellow Mild Milk Cleanser 200ml
Mellow Mild Milk Cleanser 200ml
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    Mellow Mild Milk Cleanser 200ml

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    A rich milky cleanser that gently cleanses and removes makeup and excess oil, while forming a protection film layer to lock in moisture.

    - Gently removes dead skin cells around thd nose and lips to complete a smooth complexion.

    - Healthy, safe cleansing without irritation through gentle foam-free lotion formulation.

    - The product contains jojoba seed oil and argan oil that have properties similar to the human sebum structure. (These ingredients dissolve sebum that causes blackheads and cares for pores without irritation.)

    - Instead of synthetic surfactants that irritate the skin, our products are made of naturally derived surfactants and hypoallergenic emulsifiers extracted from palm and coconut for a milder experience with strong results.

    1. Pump 2-3 times on clean hands and apply to a dry face.
    2. Gently massage using your fingers to dissolve makeup and sebum.
    3. Wipe gently with a tissue or rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

      [USE TIP]
      Mix the milk cleanser with cereal powder and experience hypoallergenic exfoliation effect through massage. (Recommended use : once/week)

    Coconut Ingredient & Green Tea Seed Oil & Jojoba Oil

    - The perfect cleanser for your skin Natural emulsifiers and surfactants from palms and coconuts are used to minimize irritation to the skin, leaving a comfortable after-effect.

    Without parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial coloring, Allergen fragrance, synthetic alcohol, PEG, sulfates, silicone, animal ingredient, animal testing.

    Natural Ingredient Content 97%

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