Fig(Muhwagwa) Perfumed Hair & Body Mist

A signature-perfumed hair & body mist of Skybottle, bursting with luxurious blend of refreshing, floral scents of early dawn.

- From the moment you spray this mist, the scent that fills up your surroundings will awaken the senses and give an amazing feeling as it seeps into the skin with light freshness and hydration.

- The scent of the fig fruits overpowers the bitterness of the leaves and leaves a long-lasting sweet smell.

  1. Use all over the hair and body anytime, anywhere.

Top Note: Fig Fruit

- Experience the delicious, sweet scent of the fig fruit that gives off a light feeling.

Middle Note: Fig Leaf

- With a bit of a bitter edge to the scent, the fig leaf proves to be a great segue into the base note.

Base Note: Fig Tree

- The fig tree is a great anchor to all the smells by adding a bit of weight to the scents and holding them together.

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