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Nacific Story Box Set [OT8 Stray Kids Photo Cards and Story Book Included]

$76.00 $102.00
It's been 2 years! A special box filled with NACIFIC and SKZ's memories of the past 2 years filled with photo cards and a special edition story book.
- This special skincare set contains Stray Kids photo cards and a story book.

- This product is the final NACIFIC and SKZ collaboration set that serves as the finale for 2023.

- This product is comprised of the following products :
- Fresh Herb Origin Serum
- Fresh Herb Origin Mist Serum
- Nacific Vegan Sun Essence 50g
- Super Foam Cleanser 50ml
- Nacific Vita Ceramide Moisture Mask Pack 1ea
- Nacific AHA BHA Balancing Mask Pack 1ea
- Nacific Cica Tea Tree Relaxing Mask Pack 1ea

Please check the product pages for details.

Please check the product pages for details.

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