Nacific Vegan Lip Glow 3.9g

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A vegan lip balm designed for your precious lips to keep them soft, healthy, and kissable… So pucker up!
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- This product has been certified by PETA for being clean, cruelty-free, and vegan.
- This lip balm is recommended for those looking for a lip balm that lasts a long time and will elevate your lip care routine.
- This product melts into your lips to provide rich moisturization without leaving your lips sticky.


01. Clear : A clear, transparent lip balm perfect for anyone during any time of day or night.
02. Salmon Beige : A drop of peach to beige to give off a calm but cute look.
03. Coral Mauve : The perfect combination of orange coral and rose to create a bright, pleasant shade.
04. Soft Mauve : A drop of wine in dried rose to create a calm, natural red.
05. Apple Red : The perfect boost to natural lips to create a refreshing red.

  1. Apply the product as needed to moisturize your lips.

U-Ferment Oil

- U-Ferment Oil is formulated with turmeric roots grown in Jeju that boast of high absorption rates and less moisture buildup compared to normal oils.

Shea Butter

- Shea Butter helps to soften and moisturize the skin with its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins.


- Ceramides provide the skin with long lasting moisturization.

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