Natural Mild Clear Nose Pack - Bio Cellulose 5ea

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A pore pack using bio cellulose designed for the nose to remove blackheads and sebum in 2-steps when used.

- This nose pack is a 2-step mask to clear up blackheads and sebum when used.
- This product consists of 2 steps which help to melt away wastes and shrink pores respectively.
- This nose pack is created with bio-cellulose and spunlace fabric that makes the pack ultra-adhesive on the nose.
- This product contains ingredients that help to shrink pores.

1. After washing your face, remove the moisture and apply STEP-1 on areas troubled by blackheads and sebum.
After 10-15 minutes, remove the sheet and gently remove the visible blackheads and sebum with a cotton swab, then lightly rinse off with warm water.
2. Attach the STEP-2 sheet to the sebum-removed area, and then peel it off after 15-20 minutes.
Gently pat the remaining essence on the skin for absorption.

Chestnut Shell Extract
- Chestnut Shell Extract helps to moisturize the skin and minimize the appearance of pores when used.

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