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Play Color Eyes #Bakehouse

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An eyeshadow palette consisting of ten colors inspired by a bakery with freshly baked bread in the morning.

- This palette is made up of 10 shades of brown that gives off a warm, romantic feel when applied.
- This product has eyeshadows with a soft, silky texture that allow the shades to last long without clumping or getting flaky when applied.
- This palette has buildable colors of both matte and glitter to help create various looks depending on the occasion.


- White, gold glitter
- Soft, pink-beige
- Brown with a hint of red
- Golden shimmer with subtle sparkles
- Gold colored glitter with a sprinkle of pink pearls
- Ivory-beige, matte color
- Ripe coconut-like shade of matte brown
- Well-baked canele-like shade of matte brown
- Deep, dark brownie-like color
- Brown with golden pearls

  1. Apply the base color on the eyelid with the wide side of the applicator.
  2. Use the narrow side of the applicator for eyeliner, wings, and point colors.

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