Easy Bag Berry Beet (45g x 9)

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A protein shake made of red beets and 3 types of berries to create a balanced, sweet meal when consumed.
- This protein powder is plant based and does not contain artificial flavoring, trans fat, and cholesterol.

- This product is made of 17g of plant protein and pH balancing green powder (a fruit & vegetable mix by Positive Hotel).

- This protein powder is made of red beets and 3 types of superfood berries to help enhance the skin and other areas of the body, along with blueberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants from Poland to help enhance beauty.

- This product is made of excellent ingredients to create a cleaner, healthier protein shake compared to others on the market.

Mix water or your favorite milk into the bag. Shake or stir to mix and drink.

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