Mediterranean Spicy Cacao Tea (14gx14)

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A spicy cacao tea for a nice, healthy relaxing cup of tea with a spicy kick.

- This tea is recommended for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee and caffeine.
- This product does not have a simple, sweet taste, but is more complicated with a spicy zing added to the sweet taste of chocolate when consumed.
- This tea is cholesterol free, sugar free, and gluten free, making it safe to be consumed by most.
- This product can be enjoyed hot, iced, and even as a shake to make it a great addition to any recipe.

Mix 1 sachet (14g) with 500ml of water and drink after mixing.

- Cocoa in this product is 100% real and comes from ECOM COCOA of the Netherlands, which boasts of a 170 year history of premium quality cocoa.

- Peppers help to boost the body’s metabolism and burn body fat when consumed.

- Bananas are full of nutrients that help to aid digestive health and improve the body’s blood sugar levels.

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