PH Olive Mediterranean Blend (30g x28)

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A powder made of all the nutrients in a Mediterranean meal to help balance the body's pH levels and keep you healthy.

- This powder is made of healthy nutrients in Mediterranean meals that allows for one to stay healthy.
- This product balances the body's pH levels to help the body's systems in check.
- This powder can be enjoyed as a shake, mixed with fruits, or as a topping on your favorite yogurt or ice cream.
- This product is created with 20 different nutrients that have a nourishing effect on the body when consumed regularly and gives the best results when taken with [POSITIVE HOTEL] Mediterranean Olive Oil Softgels.

Mix water or your favorite milk into a cup or bottle with this product. Shake or stir to mix and drink.

Plant-Based Protein

- Plant-based protein helps to provide the body with nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants that improve the body's overall health and protect against heart disease.

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