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Purify Nourish Hand Cream 70ml - Junos

$25.00 $29.00
A hand cream made of shea butter with a luxurious, herbal scent.

- This hand cream leaves behind a refreshing scent blend of yuzu, perilla leaves, and mint.

- This product is named after Citric Junos, which is the scientic name for yuzu, the main ingredient of the blend.

- This hand cream is mildly acidic and creates a moisturizing film on the skin for a moist but refreshing finish.

- This product has rich moisturizing properties and is created using shea butter and various oils.

  1. Apply a cranberry-sized amount onto hands, wrists and cuticles.
  2. Also can be used on hair for moisturization and long-lasting scent.


- Yuzu Extract increases firmness of the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles to improve the skin’s elasticity, which makes it a natural anti-aging ingredient.

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