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Glutathione Alpha Glow 30 packs [1.2g(600mg*2Tablets)]

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A set of tablets that help to create bright, radiant skin, one sachet at a time.

- This product is a high-dosage glutathione that is safe and easy to consume.

- These tablets have a sweet, tangy pomegranate flavor that fills your mouth.

- This product provides effective slow-aging effects on the skin that is possible through a logical combination of ingredients.

- These tablets are made of natural L-glutathione yeast extract 3,600mg and is safe to intake up to 3 doses a day.

Take 1 pack (2 Tablets) daily with water.

There is no set limit on the amount of glutathione that can be consumed, so those who want to take high doses can increase their intake up to 3 doses.


- Glutathione helps prevent aging by combining three amino acids that function in reducing oxidation and reduction within the body.

Milk Ceramides

- Milk Ceramides are rich in protein ingredients, which help remove impurities and support collagen synthesis.


- Elastin activates fibroblast cells in skin dermis, helping to synthesize elastin within the body and increase skin elasticity.

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