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Rose Stemcell Cream

$33.00 $36.00
A moisturizing cream containing a high-concentration of rosa centifolia flower water which provides lasting revitalization and rosa damascena callus extract which supports strengthening skin into a healthier complexion.

- This cream is created using a 100% vegan formula and does not contain any artificial fragrances and the subtle scent of rose comes from the real rosa centifolia flower water in the formula.
- This product adds vitality, elasticity, and moisture to dry, dull skin when used on the skin.
- This cream is effective in removing dead skin cells and has been clinically proven to decrease dead skin cells by 18.7% in 2 weeks.
- This product has anti-aging effects on the skin and has been clinically proven to decrease fine lines and wrinkes by an average of 5% in 2 weeks.

Best to use in the last step of skincare routine. Take an appropriate amount and apply to the skin. Then, gently tap for better absorption.

Damask Rose

- Damask Rose has anti-inflammatory, soothing and cooling properties which aid in stress-related conditions, reducing signs of aging, minimizing the appearances of fine lines and scars, and deeply hydrating the skin.

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