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Slow Aging Cream

$26.00 $29.00
An age-stopping cream developed with a VEGAN COLD BREW™ method with butterfly pea flower extract packed with antioxidants that boosts skin elasticity for younger-looking complexion.

- This anti-aging cream is formulated with butterfly pea flower extract that provides skin with deep hydration and improves skin firmness.

- This age-stopping cream leaves you with supple, firmer-looking skin after a single use.

- This facial cream is developed with VEGAN COLD BREW™ method that extracts the pure ingredient without any animal-derived substances.

- This hypoallergenic product is cruelty-free, GMO-free and vegan with EWG green grade certified ingredients.

  1. Apply a proper amount onto face.
  2. Gently tap with fingertips until absorbed.
  3. Wrap face with both palms for full absorption.

    TIP: Apply another layer when extra dry.

Clitoria Ternatea Flower Extract

- Clitoria Ternatea Flower Extract is rich in antioxidants that protects skin from free radicals and oxidation.

- Clitoria Ternatea Flower Extract contains proanthocyanidin which stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin.

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