Spot the Difference Blemish Treatment 15ml

$14.00 $16.00
A light gel formulated for acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin, that provides effective relief from breakouts and blemishes.

- This light gel is also infused with hydrating Ceramide capsules to help restore the skin barrier.
- Daily life stress along with environmental stressors like air pollution, overly humid or dry environments, and more harm our skin’s barrier function, making skin problems, especially acne, more common and more difficult to recover from.
- This product was inspired by these concerns from our community, and after careful formulation and countless testing, we’ve been able to create a product focusing on a “spot treatment” for affected areas.
- This light gel is designed to provide quick relief and noticeable results and will ensure that with every drop, you can truly spot the difference.

  1. Prepare your skin by cleansing and toning your skin
  2. Apply an adequate amount of product using the dropper directly onto affected area
  3. Gently pat the area and finish up with the remainder of your skincare routine

Tea Tree Oil

- Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, sterilizing effects and reduces itching and inflammation, helping relieve troubled skin such as acne and pimples.

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