Sungboon Editor Green Tomato Pore Blurring Sun Cream 30ml

$26.00 $32.00
A gentle sunscreen that provides thorough protection against UV rays from the sun and made with moisturizing skincare ingredients.

- This sunscreen provides triple care for pore aging caused by UV rays.

- This product is created using a formulation that does not leave behind residue stuck in pores when used.

- This sunscreen is quickly absorbed without clogging pores and gives a refreshing finish.

- This product provides moisture-free suncare for pores filled with sebum to not add to the mix.

Apply a generous amount of the product on the face and other areas needed 30 minutes prior to being exposed to sunlight.

Aging triple pore care

- 3-layer pore aging care, including pore elasticity, pigmentation, and sebum care that are aging with UV rays.

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