Tiny Pore Cream 50ml

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This cream goes deep into the skin and clears up the clogged pores of the skin while moisturizing the skin to make the pores appear smaller.

- This cream provides the skin with the firmness that it needs in order to look younger and is what one needs to regain their confidence when not wearing makeup.

- This cream creates firm skin that is moisturized and feels soft to the touch, which leaves the user with healthy, glowy skin.

- This product is created with all EWG Green Grade ingredients to ensure that it is gentle and non-irritating to even sensitive skin.

- This product is a part of the Tiny Pore Line from OHIOHOO, which consists of a serum and cream, which work together to have a synergic effect on the skin, to create smaller-looking pores on the skin.

  1. Take an appropriate amount onto the fingertips and spread along the skin texture.
  2. Tap gently for maximum absorption.

Acorn Extract

- Acorn Extract has tightening properties, which works exceptionally well when used for products for pore control as this ingredient effectively reduces the appearance of pores by tightening them.
- Acorn Extract is filled with tannin, which helps to reduce the sizes of pores, control the sebaceous glands, and cleanse the skin to create healthy pores.

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