Vegan Phyto Firming Cream 70g
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    Vegan Phyto Firming Cream 70g

    A firming cream that reinforces each layer of a damaged and dehydrated skin barrier to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    - This cream provides deep hydration with lightweight application and quick absorption that allows this product to be used with any product without feeling stuffy.

    - This product has been tested for skin irritation and scored 0.00 on the skin irritation index, allowing this product to be ideal for those with sensitive skin.

    - This cream has been pleasantly fragranced with earthy and woody scents enriched with refreshing herbs to calm your skin and mind.

    - This product has been infused with plant-based protein ingredients to deeply hydrate the skin from the inside and reinforce the skin’s natural firmness.

    Use before bed to allow the product to soak in while you sleep, or apply as part of your daily skincare routine to allow make-up to sit on the skin without caking.

    Phyto Protein Complex

    - Phyto Protein Complex, made with soy/pea/vegetable protein, oligopeptide, and Yeoju rice extract, instantly hydrates dry skin.

    Plant-derived Hydrating Oil

    - Plant-derived Hydrating Oil, made with avocado oil and olive oil, leave a healthy glow on the skin.

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