Vino Rosé Anti-Aging Serum 53ml

A deeply hydrating serum that helps the skin feel smooth and moisturized when used.

- This serum replenishes the moisture in the skin to turn rough, poor skin into smooth skin texture.

- This product is suitable for those with tight or dull skin, along with those whose skin gets oily in the afternoon.

- This serum has been tested to prove to have an irritation level of 0, making it suitable for all skin types.

- This product smoothly melts into the skin to work effectively when used on the skin.

Take approximately 2-4 pumps during the essence stage of your skincare routine and apply evenly onto the face.

High Protein Actimp

- High Protein Actimp is a patented ingredient that has been proven to inhibit photoaging for skin that has been exposed to UVA.

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