Viva La Pink Perfumed Hair & Body Mist

A refreshing mist featuring long-wearing citrus scent of grapefruit that quickly absorbs and moisturizes skin.

- The exquisite blend of citrus grapefruit top note and earthy amber base creates crisp and sensual fragrance, evoking the scene of vast fields filled with fruit trees in southern Europe.

- This lightweight hair & body fragrance mist absorbs into skin magically without feeling sticky, leaving skin moisturized and refreshed.

- This mist instantly exudes exotic blend of citrus grapefruit and woody amber, wrapping your body with seductive yet impressively elegant scent.

  1. Use all over the hair and body anytime, anywhere.

Top Note: Grapefruit Citron

- A zesty, citrus scent that gives a refreshing, light feeling.

Middle Note: Lily of the Valley

- A melodic, sweet scent that gives a feminine feeling.

Base Note: Amber Woody

- An elegant aroma with a bitter and sweet woodsy scent all blended into one.

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