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Water Barrier Sun Cream 50ml
Water Barrier Sun Cream 50ml
Water Barrier Sun Cream 50ml


Water Barrier Sun Cream 50ml

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A lightweight chemical sunscreen that applies like a watery essence and leaves a natural skin-like finish with no white cast.

- This sunscreen is easily absorbed by the skin in order to provide the skin with UV protection letting you have fun in the sun without stickiness or leaving behind a white cast.

- This product can be used as a daily moisturizing sunscreen for usage underneath your every day makeup.

- This sunscreen encourages the growth of new collagen and prevents sun pigmentation when used regularly.

- This product can also be used on hair to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss due to sun damage.

  1. 1. At the last step of skincare routine, apply a moderate amount onto UV exposed areas.

  2. 2. Gently massage for full absorption.

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