ETUDE HOUSE for Makeup

by Subin Kim on May 04, 2022

Need some color in your life? We have prepared a single brand makeup routine to save you the time and energy!

After finishing up your favorite AM skincare routine, treat your skin to your favorite SPF product to kickstart your day. Then, put on Glow On Base Hydra to create glowing skin as if you had a good night’s sleep. The Double Lasting Serum Foundation is a great follow-up that will keep your skin looking healthy and glowy all day.

Next, use the Sebum Soak Pact to soak up all the visible sebum and oil on the skin in order to prevent makeup from caking up or cause irritation.

Don’t forget to draw your eyebrows! Etude House’s Drawing Eyebrow pencils are available to help smoothly draw your eyebrows without making them look unnatural.

Etude House has a long line of eyeshadow palettes in their Play Color Eyes series. Depending on the occasion, be sure to grab the palette that will accentuate your eyes to make you the star of any event!

For date night with bae, make bae fall in love with you all over again with the Play Color Eyes : Rosé Wine palette. This palette, consisting of ten colors inspired by pink Rosé wine and champagne, is an assortment of rosy and peachy shades perfect for date night.
For an evening of jolly-filled partying, be sure to have your eyes stand out from the rest with the Play Color Eyes : Lavender Land palette. This palette consists of purple-based colors that can create anything from a soft look to a bold look for partying throughout the evening.
To create a look for daily makeup, we recommend Play Color Eyes : Bakehouse. This palette is made up of soft, brown hues that create looks that are not overwhelming to be used on a daily basis.

Tear Eye Liner is a liquid eyeliner that contains superfine glitter to give off a sparkling, dazzling effect when applied onto the eyes. The glitter sparkles in every angle to create dazzling under eyes. This eyeliner goes well with any of the Play Color Eyes palettes and makes the eyes really pop.

The Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara is the mascara that one needs in order to get the beautiful lashes that make one’s eyes look like those of a doll!

For a matte look, try the Fixing Tint, while the Dear Darling Water Gel Tint is what one needs for a shiny, jelly-like look. With the final step of this makeup routine being the lips, you are now ready to seize the day once this has been applied. Whether you prefer a matte pair of lips or a shiny pair, Etude House has the product for you to complete your look.

Using just one brand is not just the trend for makeup! We have a single brand skincare routine as well for those who want to fully get the Etude House experience. Get the products for this routine and more at Coréelle!


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