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Tear Eye Liner 8g

$4.50 $14.00
A liquid eyeliner that contains superfine glitter in a clear base to give eyes a sparkling, dazzling effect.
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- This liquid eyeliner has pearls like crystals and opals that sparkle in every angle, to create clear, dazzling under eyes.
- This product’s multi-dimensional opal pearls illuminate your eyes for long periods of time.
- This liquid eyeliner has long lasting polymers included in the formula to keep the liner from running or peeling.

#1 WH
- A white pearl liner that creates an innocent, natural look.
#4 GD
- A bronze colored liner that creates a bold, mature look.

  1. Apply your favorite eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  2. Apply the product on the bottom of your eyes to add a sparkly effect.
  3. Apply your favorite mascara.

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