Let's Get Serious About Acne

by Abby C. on July 08, 2021

Recently, we have noticed our favorite celebrities getting real about their struggles with acne. We’ve seen actresses upload photos of themselves with pimple patches and singers sharing pictures of their pimples all over social media. By doing so, they have really begun to shatter the illusion they give of having flawless skin. Although it is comforting to be reminded that celebrities are humans, acne itself is pesky and the struggle with it is real.

Your friends here at Coreelle want you to know that you are not alone. We have been working hard to pick out the best products for your acne so that you can have the healthy skin you’ve always dreamed of!

What causes this pesky condition? According to experts, the production of excess oil, clogged hair follicles, bacteria, and inflammation are said to be the main causes of acne. Blame genetics because family history has an effect on acne too.

Today, we’re going to give you a step-by-step rundown so that you won’t be in the dark anymore!

In order to unclog hair follicles and prevent inflammation, it is important to keep your face clean...

The Green Tea Deep Cleansing Water from Bonajour is our pick for removing makeup. Despite myths, makeup itself does not cause acne. Not getting the makeup off thoroughly can clog pores and cause inflammation, which are the leading causes of breakouts. This cleansing water gets the makeup and dirt off your skin thoroughly without much work.

Use your favorite cleanser to really get the harmful things off your face. We chose the Microbiome Cleansing Foam from Audrey & Young because it is gentle and vegan.

After thoroughly getting everything out, we need to add the good stuff to our face. This is for the protection and balancing of our skin. This is where things begin to get confusing. There is just too much information on “what is good” floating around and it gets overwhelming. Here is some good news though: We have some potions brewing for you.

“What’s your blending recipe?”

The Potions offers a long list of really cute ampoules. Don't know what to choose? It’s alright, their Acne Relief Set has the ones good for acne relief already picked out. The Tea Tree Oil Serum is light and perfect for acne-prone skin and will calm the redness and inflammation from your acne. The Centella (aka cica) ampoule has properties which work well to get rid of the redness and heal the wounds from your acne. The Calamine ampoule will work together with its other ampoule friends to help make your acne disappear.


Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which is important for the prevention and treatment of bacteria-related acne. Acne-prone skin is also known for having weakened skin barriers, which is why it is so important to keep the area clear of unwanted bacteria.

Cica is already loved by people worldwide! The Potions Centella Asiatica ampoule is wonderful! Cica has been found to boost the production of collagen, which have been found to soothe pores and also strengthen the skin barrier. In addition, centella has anti-inflammatory and skin hydrating properties, which are both important when it comes to the treating of acne.

Calamine works its magic when it is with its other friends, tea tree oil and centella. It has astringent properties, which help to tighten the pores and prevent the production of excess sebum and skin debris. It also helps to dry out pimples like a spot treatment. Used alone, it can cause excessive dryness, which is why it needs to be used with a little help from its friends!

As a bonus, you can add another serum from Bonajour. Propolis has been found in a recent study to have healing effects on the skin when used with tea tree oil. Bonajour's Propolis Serum has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which when used with The Potions ampoules, you can experience better results.

Finally, to seal in all the excellent products, we are bringing back one of our favorites. The AHA, BHA, PHA Miracle Cream from Some by Mi. It has a cult following for those who suffer from acne (oh, Hyram loves it too). It contains 70% cica which makes us fall in love with this stuff all over again every time we apply.

Phew! Did you get everything down? The products are all available in our shop, so you don’t have to search around! Get ready to show off your clear skin to your friends!

TL;DR: Cleansing is uber important when preventing/getting rid of acne. The Green Tea Deep Cleansing Water from Bonajour and Microbiome Cleansing Foam from Audrey & Young are our favorites for the cleansing part. The Potions Acne Relief Set adds the necessary stuff for acne prevention and healing, which also work well with Bonajour’s Propolis Serum. The AHA, BHA, PHA Miracle Cream from Some by Mi is the icing on the cake to all of what was added to solve all your acne problems!


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