TikTok Trends to Try Right Now to Get into Autumn

by Abby C. on August 31, 2022
As we transition into autumn, we find ourselves questioning what we should be doing to our skincare routine. Should we add or get rid of some things? In this week’s post, we will be talking about all the viral TikTok trends that should be added to your autumn skincare routine to ensure the glowiest skin throughout PSL season.

Nail and Cuticle Slugging

Getting your nails done is always fun but caring for your nails is not always the most important thing on our to-do list. (Sorry nails and cuticles.) We have all heard of slugging for skincare, but our friends on TikTok have been slugging their nails and cuticles too, creating soft, gorgeous hands. Nail and Cuticle Slugging is like slugging for skincare, using a petroleum jelly to lock everything in after the routine. For Nail and Cuticle Slugging, we would like to recommend using The Potions Jojoba Oil on your nail and cuticles before adding your trusted petroleum jelly product.

Lip Masking

When we say lip masking, we all have that one product that we could not stop seeing on our FYP, Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Masks (for those who have not been keeping up). These come in little jars that are way too cute to pass up on. No wonder one is bought every three seconds worldwide! Not only do they look adorable, but they work wonders when used overnight. They provide ultra-hydration while gently exfoliating away dead skin cells to help you kiss chapped lips goodbye!

Face Mask Layering

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and hyped up on TikTok, but it is also highly recommended to layer face masks based on your skin concerns. For this, we are obsessed with using House of Dohwa’s Wash Off Masks along with wash off masks from OHIOHOO. Try using the Rice Wash Off Mask from House of Dohwa or the  Re’Juice Fig wash off mask for brightening the skin, if you have dull areas. Add the Mung Bean Wash Off Mask from House of Dohwa for your t-zone to help control the blackheads, enlarged pores, and oil levels. For areas of swelling, try OHIOHOO’s Re’Juice Beet or House of Dohwa’s Pumpkin Wash Off Mask. If your skin needs to be soothed and hydrated, Re'Juice True Rose of Jericho from OHIOHOO is the way to go. Create the youthful skin you’ve always wanted with this great hack.

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