by Abby C. on July 22, 2021

You’re going down the sun-care aisle at the store, only to be left more confused than when you walked in. You just came in for a bottle of sunscreen (or sunblock) to use at the beach with Heather this weekend. But there are just so many suncare products on the shelves begging to go with you, when you only need one. Which one to choose?

Dermatologists recommend asking yourself the following questions when choosing:

  1. Is the SPF (sun protection factor) number at least 30?
    The SPF number tells you how long it takes for the skin to burn with the product on, compared to the bare skin without any protection. For example, a product with SPF 50 would take 50 times longer to burn the skin compared to skin directly exposed to the sun without any protection.
  2. Does this product provide broad spectrum protection?
    Broad spectrum refers to the types of UV rays (UVA/UVB) the product protects against. The more UV rays it can protect against, the better.
  3. Is it water/sweat resistant?
    Being water/sweat resistant is how well the product can endure against water and sweat, so that you don’t need to worry about a thing while having fun at the beach.

Now here is another question, sunscreen or sunblock? The answer is, whatever floats your boat. Sunscreen is made up of organic compounds that create a chemical reaction and convert the UV rays into heat before they hit the skin. On the other hand, sunblock is mineral based and creates a literal shield to block out UV rays from hitting the skin.

Still, it does not solve the confusion. Have no fear, Coreelle is here! We understand that choosing the right SPF product can be stressful. That is why we have picked out our favorites for you to take on your trip to the beach. The ones we have selected have already checked off the standards by dermatologists. We went further and chose products to suit skin type needs to make sure your skin gets all the love it deserves. (Don’t worry, we have something for everyone!)

We recommend the Rose Blooming Tone-up Sun Block from AdoreBlanc. This sun block prevents UV rays from hitting the skin while moisturizing the skin. Not only that, it goes the extra mile with brightening and toning properties, to help you get all the care your skin needs with just one bottle.

Traditionally, SPF products have been known for the nasty, greasy feeling they left behind making them unappealing to those with oily skin. However, Bonajour’s Witch Hazel No Sebum Shield is perfect for those with oily skin. It blocks out UV rays and with the added witch hazel it gets rid of excess oil and sebum.

Chasin’ Rabbits’ G’Day Mate Sunscreen is the friendliest sunscreen we have ever seen! It is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, making them friendly to not just humans, but marine animals and coral reefs as well. The gentle, hypoallergenic formula makes it safe for people of all ages and skin types. The long-lasting, water-resistant formula has made it the number one pick for surfers in Korea and we just know it will become your number one too!

Did you know that exposure to UV rays cause visible signs of aging and increase your risk of skin cancer? This means that SPF products are crucial. (Especially on that trip to the beach with Heather, where sun exposure is unavoidable.) In addition, light rays reflect off the ocean to create even more risk of sunburns, ouch!

Coreelle has your back! For a limited time only, Coreelle is running a buy one get one event for SPF products. Take advantage of this offer. Your skin will thank you and you can enjoy your day at the beach with Heather!


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