Trends to Get You Ready for this Summer!

by Abby C. on June 01, 2022

Summer is coming and there are a few trends that we have been eyeing. The trends that will be discussed in today’s article are not leaving and bound to stay for the season. From haircare to after suncare, this article will have you more ready than the summers past!


We all know and love House of Dohwa for skin, but have you tried House of Dohwa for your hair? Getting healthy hair is not hard with the help of rice bran water. That is exactly why we would like to recommend the Rice Bran Toner for your hair and scalp.
There is also the trend of using jojoba oil in your hair in order to create healthy, soft hair that does not tangle or tear. This oil may be a possible remedy for dandruff and is rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair. Why not add The Potions Jojoba Oil to your hair routine for healthy, gorgeous hair?


Worried about the heat swelling up your skin? Worry no more with the House of Dohwa Pumpkin Wash Off Mask, designed to cool your skin and get rid of swelling in no time.
The face is not the only area with skin that you need to take care of! Body retinol has become a viral trend and we really like this trend too! This trend helps us get the pesky acne that is on the other areas aside from our face. The Potions Retinol is a gentle retinol serum that will help get the areas of breakout aside from your face. (Also, use The Potions Acne Body Wash with the Retinol Serum for maximum results!)
Aloe vera was the most searched skincare ingredient of 2021, making it a chart topper that is loved across the globe. COSRX’s Aloe Soothing Sun Cream is already loved across the globe for its lightweight, fast-absorbing properties. Not only that, but it also wears well under makeup and does not leave behind a whitecast, making it the perfect sunscreen for any time of the year!
Speaking of aloe vera, it is the best stuff to put on your skin after fun in the sun! Chasin’ Rabbits Aloe U Very Much is a vegan, clean-beauty aloe vera soothing gel that provides the skin with the care it needs after a sunburn. It cools and soothes any area of the skin that has become irritated by the sun.


Blush contouring is a makeup trend that brings about an energetic vibe for anyone who does it. We have the perfect product to achieve this look, which is Feev’s Hyper-Fit Color Serum. This product is a liquid blusher that applies smoothly onto the skin and blends well with the skin to create a natural look, making it the perfect product for blush contouring.

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