We helped Tina Yong try out the trendiest KBeauty products and here’s how it went!

by Abby C. on November 30, 2022

We teamed up with mega influencer Tina Yong for a very special collaboration. Tina brought back her “Tina Tries It” series for us and reviewed her newest favorite KBeauty products, all of which are available at Coréelle. (You can check the video out here, if you missed it!) Tina’s new video features products from our exclusive brands, House of Dohwa and The Potions, along with Chasin’ Rabbits, Rovectin, Feev, and much more!

In case you missed the video, here is a recap of the products that were introduced in the video.

Chasin’ Rabbits : Buttshroom Bum Patch

A set of patches specially designed for your butt cheeks to create a plump bum, or as Tina says, “smooth as a baby’s bottom”! Chosen by Tina as being her favorite product out of all that was featured in the video, this sheet mask for your bum will have you obsessed too!
Rovectin : Skin Essentials Conditioning Cleanser

A cleanser that minimizes damage and maintains the ideal moisture balance of the skin. It’s Tina approved and she even complimented on how it did not leave her skin feeling tight or dry.
House of Dohwa : Mung Bean Wash Off Mask

Tina not only really likes the Rice Wash Off Mask from House of Dohwa, but the Mung Bean has also taken a special spot in her skincare routine as well. The Mung Bean Wash Off Mask from House of Dohwa is formulated with mung bean, which helps to thoroughly clean and draw out pore-cloggers along with impurities and debris from the skin to create smooth, clear skin.
Haruharu Wonder : Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner

Tina really likes this toner and you will too! Haruharu Wonder’s Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner is a light, hydrating toner packed with nourishing ingredients to create healthy, glowy skin.
Chasin’ Rabbits : Bunny Line Smoother

Who said anti-aging skincare has to be difficult? Chasin’ Rabbits makes it easy to take care of all visible signs of aging with a unique corrector with a metal ball roll-on applicator to be convenient for applying.
The Potions : Acne Pimple Patch

Don’t let your acne patches give away that you are having a bad skin day. The Potions Acne Pimple Patch is an incredibly thin, near-invisible pimple patch that helps to minimize pimples overnight. It’s Tina approved too because it is easy to use and hygienic.
Chasin’ Rabbits : All About Glow Multi-Balm

A multi-purpose balm that melts into your skin and boosts the radiance and firmness of your skin to create glowy, beautiful skin. Don’t forget to apply before you finish your makeup routine!
Etude House : Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

Already famous for their amazing skincare and makeup products, Etude House does it again with their Drawing Eyebrow Pencil. Available in six different shades, use this brow pencil to create a gorgeous look before you leave the house today. Gray is Tina’s pick and unlike other gray eyebrow pencils, this one from Etude House looks natural.
CLIO : Pro Eye Palette #8 Into Lace

Ever wondered what makes a great palette different from a good palette? Try this eye shadow palette from CLIO and experience for yourself. This palette consists of gorgeous glitter and matte shades, making the only palette you will be needing to create all your favorite looks.
Etude House : Tear Eye Liner

A liquid eye liner consisting of superfine glitter in a clear base to give your eyes a sparkling dazzling effect when used. Don’t forget to luminate your eyes.

Etude House : Curl Fix Mascara

Already the most favored mascara in Korea, this mascara does its job super well, holding up your lashes like no other.

Feev : Hyper-Fit Color Drop

A fairly new brand to the scene, Feev is trending and hot! This lip tint became our favorite since its launch and will surely become your favorite too!

Check out our collaboration with Tina and be sure to check out the Tina Box, a curated collection of the products featured in the video for 70% off all the products featured in the video.

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