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Brightuning Peptide Ampoule 30ml

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An all-in-one brightening solution that lights up dull and uneven skin tone with a magical formula of Aquatide 5000 5%, Dipeptide-2 5000 1%, MelaTrepein 5%, and Equaliderm 60%.

- Brightening & Tuning: The Dipeptide-2 1% energizes your dull complexion, improving rough, unbalanced skin into clear, healthy skin from the inside.

- Melanin Care: The Melatrepein 5% decomposes excessively-produced melanin and inhibits its movement to exfoliate cells on skin surface.

- Anti-Aging: The Peptide Inducer increases Andiponectin Collagen production, resulting in photo-aging prevention.

- Calming & Regeneration: The Autophagy activation of the Aquatide 5000 5% regenerates and renews skin texture.

- Strengthened Barriers: The EqualiDerm 60% strengthens the skin barrier and adjusts the balance, visibly improving into a healthy, transparent complexion.

1. Apply a few drops to entire face in morning and evening.

2. Tap lightly for a full absorption.

Aquatide 5000 (5%)

- Aquatide 5000 is developed based on the Autophagy mechanism. Autophagy is a mechanism that disassembles, synthesizes and recycles within cells (2016 Nobel Prize Winner).

- Aquatide itself is an award-winning ingredient, winning the In-Costmetics Asia Award and GrandPrix Award in 2016, and has been patented in 4 countries around the globe.

- Aquatide 5000’s core effect is anti-aging; it increases LC3-II production when Autophagy is activated and increases the autophagic structures inside the inner cells.

- Aquatide 5000 has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that soothes and reduces irritaion in sensitive skin.

Dipeptide-2 5000 (1%)

- Dipeptide-2, a small complex synthetic peptide made up of the amino acids Tryptophan and Valine, is capable of easily penetrating into skin's uppermost layer, assisting in skin renewal and replenishment.

- Dipeptide-2 mainly works as a skin conditioning agent, energizing the skin to look healthier, younger, and plumper.

MelaTrepein (5%)

- Melatrepein 5% is helpful in decomposing excessively-produced melanin.

- MelaTrepin activates autophagy, leads to the reduced expression of PAR2 and degrades Melanosome, which allows it to have anti-pigmentation, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.

EqualiDerm (60%)

- EqualiDerm is Logically Skin’s own unique, active ingredient: it is a blend of Bioredoxyl and Pineapple ceramide, which helps build healthy structure of skin, and Glycerol glucoside (2GG), which hydrates and strengthens skin barrier.

- EqualiDerm 60% adjusts skin balance, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties, making it suitable for use in atopic, sensitive skin.

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