Blur-Finish Lip Tint 3.5g

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A lip tint available in 10 shades and gives off a soft, matte finish when applied onto the lips to create a gorgeous look.
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- This lip tint is soft like meringue and has a soft-matte finish when applied onto the lips.
- This product has an airy fit when on the lips and lightly adheres onto the lips creating a long lasting look.
- This lip tint was inspired by four authors of the classics to create elegant, unique shades.

- 101 Fair Hesse : a pink, salmon hue with a drop of marsala to create natural-looking lips
- 102 Lusty Woolf : a toasted coral mixed with rosé brown to create a sunset-like hue
- 103 Lonesome Maupassant : a vintage, brick red inspired by the brick walls of French gothic architecture
- 104 Wandering Miller : a vintage rose pink with a hint of marsala, inspired by dried rose petals on a wooden tray
- 105 Dear Lawrence : a light pink with a hint of dusty gray inspired by pink muhly in the wind
- 106 Chatty Pushkin : a bright cherry red inspired by high heels
- 107 Blushed Sand : a lovely Juliet pink with salmon to recreate the color of blushing cheeks
- 108 Dazzle Salome : a harmonious mixture of pink and gold orange to create a coral inspired by the sun glistening over a hill with poppy flowers
- 109 Naïve Bronte : a radiant mixture of tangerine and carrot orange inspired by sparkling campari orange cocktails
- 110 Funky Rimbaud : a vibrant orange red inspired by Moulin Rouge

  1. Adjust the amount of the product using the tip of the applicator.
  2. Apply on the center of the lips and blend outwards for natural gradation.

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