Vegan Lip Care Balm

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A deeply moisturizing, vegan lip balm packed with natural-based ingredients to hydrate and exfoliate lips.
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- Consisting of 5 different shades, each color helps naturally brighten up the skin tone.

* The formula is excellent in moisturizing and exfoliating lips.

- This vegan lip balm is thoughtfully made with all plant-based ingredients such as aloe, Ganghwado artemisia, and sugar maple extract, delivering intense hydration and exfoliation to dry, rough lips.

- The non-artificial, subtle scent of rose provides you with a soothing, calming experience.

- This product had gained 13,789% funding support from crowdfunding platform,‘Wadiz’.

- The product had ranked 1st place in beauty category of crowdfunding platform,‘Wadiz’.

- This product is proudly VEGAN CERTIFIED by Korean Agency of Vegan Certification and Services Inc.

(Ingredients listed below is restricted to ingredient features.)

Swipe onto lips throughout the day for hydration.


- As an effective softner, Aloe offers intense hydration that smoothes and softens lips.

Ganghwado Artemisia

- Ganghwado artemisia, known as 'Korean tea tree', has calming and purifying properties on skin.

- Ganghwado artemisia contains an active ingredient called Eupatilin that works as an excellent antioxidant.

Sugar Maple Extract

- Sugar Maple Extract works as a naturally derived hydroxyl acid which helps to lower skin inflammation, redness, blemishes and dryness.

- Sugar Maple Extract is highly effective in removing bacteria and dead skin buildup on skin, which makes it an excellent exfoliator.

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