Pomegranate Biome Scalp Boosting Shampoo

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All-in-one anti-hair loss shampoo for the dry scalp. This vegan shampoo contains pomegranate microbiome which immediately hydrates and replenishes the dry scalp, and adds shine to dull hair.

- Clinically proven to improve scalp moisture by 34%

- Clinically proven to improve hair shine by 30 %

- Contains Pomegranate microbiome to revitalize the scalp

- Contains W-Scalp complex to nourish the scalp

- Free of sulfate, silcone, paraben, phenoxyethanol

- Mildly acidic prescription for the scalp

After wetting the scalp and hair with lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and make bubbles. Apply moderate pressure to wet scalp and hair, massage evenly, and rinse thoroughly.

Pomegrante Biome
Developed by nesh scalp R&D to hydrate and replenish dry scalp & hair. It is a ferment extract of pomegranate and vegan microbiome which has undergone TransActive extraction method to increase scalp absorption.

W-Scalp Complex
Special complex ingredients made of grains to mildly nourish women's dry scalp.

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