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Aquatide Multi-Purpose Mist 200ml
Aquatide Multi-Purpose Mist 200ml
Aquatide Multi-Purpose Mist 200ml
Aquatide Multi-Purpose Mist 200ml

    Aquatide Multi-Purpose Mist 200ml

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    An award-winning daily multipurpose mist made of a patented hypoallergenic formula of 3% Aquatide 5000 that hydrates and refines the skin, perfect to start and end your skincare routine.

    - The multi-action mist is designed to deliver fine particles of aquatide in its optimized condition for fast absorption, for instant toning and permanent hydration of skin.

    - The aquatide 3% logic has been developed based on the “Autophagy Mechanism” which has won the Nobel Prize in Physiology 2016.

    - The Auqatide Multi-Purpose Mist has been awarded the “In-Cosmetics Asia 2016 GOLD Prize” and the “In-Cosmetic Asia Innovation Zone Ingredient Award 2016”, and has been approved globally, patented in the USA, Japan and Europe.


    Aquatide 5000 (3%)

    - Aquatide 5000 is based on the autophagy mechanism. Autophagy is a mechanism that disassembles, synthesizes and recycles within cells (2016 Nobel Prize Winner).
    - Aquatide itself is an award winning ingredient, winning the In-Costmetics Asia Award and GrandPrix Award in 2016, and has been patented in 4 countries.
    - Aquatide 5000’s core effect is anti-aging; it increases LC3-II creation when Autophagy is activated, and increases the autophagic structures in the inner cells.
    - Aquatide 5000 has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and is a great for sensitive skin.


    💧 Moisturizing
    🌟 Brightening
    😊 Anti-Aging
    ⚖️ Balancing
    ✨ Vitalizing
    ✔ All Skin Types
    ✔ Cruelty Free
    ✔ Hypoallergenic

    How to use

    Reliable Hydration

    Use anywhere at anytime: after cleansing, before you go to bed and to replenish hydration throughout the day

    Simple & Easy Toner Mask

    When you crave relaxation but a mask sheet feels heavy, soak cotton pads with the Aquatide Multi-purpose Mist and leave them on your skin for hydration to make your own easy toner-infused mask.

    Smoothing Before & After Makeup

    Spray this completely makeup-compatible mist directly onto skin before putting on your makeup to prevent caking and dryness.

    Logically skin, designed with world-renowned materials such as Aquatide and Liftderma and a Nobel Prize winning “Autophagy Mechanism” technology.

    Autophagy Mechanism recycles cellular waste and protein junk into nutrients that revive aging skin to a youthful state.