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Art Fit Brightening Mask Pack 1ea

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A brightening sheet mask that allows you to experience the art of sheet masking by fitting perfectly on your skin.

- This sheet mask leaves the skin feeling softer and brighter after usage.
- This product was created using soft microfiber mask sheets to allow for ease on the face when being used.
- This sheet mask was created in an exclusive collaboration with artist Daria Song.
- This product was created using a fragrance that was exclusively developed by a perfumer to have an aromatherapeutic effect as well.

    1. After cleansing, gently place the sheet mask on the skin, following the facial line.
    2. Leave for 15–20 min then slowly remove the mask starting from the edges.
    3. Lightly pat the remaining essence until absorbed.

Cherry Blossom Extract
- Cherry Blossom Extract is rich in essential fatty acids that help to repair damaged skin and the natural barriers.

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