Blur-Glowy Lip Tint

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A non-sticky lip tint with a glass-like shine, a delicate and radiant glowy lip tint, inspired by the <Meditations> of Marcus Aurelius.
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- This lip tint is a refreshing glowy lip tint with a delightful mood given off when used.

- This product comes in unique colors inspired by classical literature, [Meditations] Marcus of Aurelius.
- This lip tint does not require touch-ups, as the product maintains the initial color throughout the day.

Color Description

201 - Soft Juliet Coral, enhancing elegance
202 - Wise choice, Soft Brick Rose leading to that moment
203 - Mutated Mauve symbolizing the power to preserve inner sanctity
213 - Camel Beige for the free self
214 - Color symbolizing forgiveness, Dusty Mauve

- Pour the contents at the opening of the container and dab an appropriate amount on the tip.

- Build up the color on your lips until you achieve the desired shade.

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