Clean Mud Cream 100ml
Clean Mud Cream 100ml
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    Clean Mud Cream 100ml

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    A clay mask that helps to clean pores, impurities, dead skin, and sebum at once to create smooth skin.

    - This clay mask contains keratin to create a smooth texture when used.
    - This product effectively helps to clear away wastes and dead skin cells on the skin.
    - This clay mask is created with a hydrating, slow-drying formulation to minimize skin irriation on sensitive skin.
    - This product helps to condition the skin and is safe to be used by those with sensitive skin.

    1. After washing your face, smooth down the skin with toner; steaming your face for 30 seconds with shower steam or a towel is more effective.
    2. Apply it all over the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth area, and spread it thin enough so that it is not visible.
    Adjust times according to your skin type: 7-10 minutes are recommended for sensitive or dry skin, and 12-15 minutes are recommended for combination or oily skin.
    3. Rinse thoroughly while gently rolling with warm water.

    White Clay (Kaolin Clay)
    - White Clay prevents acne and manages the skin's oil-moisture balance by absorbing excess oils and sebum on the skin.

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