KSECRET Collagen Vita Secret Multi Balm

A multi-balm enriched with vitamin C and collagen to care for deep wrinkles and pigmentation easily any time anywhere.

- This multi balm is great for wrinkle care & brightening with pure vitamin C. Hydrate & lift on face, forehead and between eyes, fine lines with just one compact handy stick.

- This product contains ingredients that help to decrease melanin synthesis in skin, thus helping to even tone, brightening skin and decrease pigmentation.

- This multi balm absorbs quickly into skin, works skin cells connector and protector from water evaporation providing it with long-lasting moisture and improving skin elasticity.

- This product is enriched with ingredients that are exceptional for caring for wrinkles and signs of aging.

  1. Use as last step of night skin care routine.
  2. Apply an appropriate amount on desired skin area (face and neck recommended). Evenly spread and gently massage for absorption.

Vitamin C

- Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse that decreases melanin synthesis in skin, thus, helping to even tone, brightening skin, and decrease pigmentation.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

- Hydrolyzed Collagen helps to increase elasticity and restore skin barrier for effective anti-wrinkle care

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