The Vitamin C 23 Serum 20ml

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A highly concentrated serum that fades acne scars and brightens the complexion to revitalize dull and dry skin.

- This serum contains 23% concentrated pure vitamin C that fades acne scars, brightens and restores dull, uneven skin tone.

- It's packed with vitamin C to effectively prevent melanin synthesis fading acne scars and hyperpigmentation whilst brightening the complexion.

- Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin moist and hydrated.

  1. After cleansing, during the serum phase, shake the bottle lightly once or twice from side to side and apply a few drops to the skin.
  2. Use fingertips to gently massage and absorb the serum, starting from the inside of the face working towards the edges.

Vitamin C

- Fades acne scars and brightens complexion by blocking the synthesis of melanin caused by UV exposure.
- Potent antioxidizing agent that removes free radicals and protects against cellular damage keeping the skin healthy.
- Promotes collagen synthesis to improve early signs of aging, diminishing fine lines and enhancing elasticit.


- Super vitamin E, boasts up to 50 times greater antioxidizing effect than tocopherol.
- Works in synergy with vitamin C to double up effectiveness.
- Inhibits melanin production to clear blemishes and brighten complexion.
- Promotes collagen synthesis to increase skin elasticit.


- Soothes and relieves irritation.
- Like vitamin C and super vitamin E, removes free radicals for a greater antioxidizing effect.

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