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Dante One by One Brow Definer 1ea

$14.00 $18.00
An eyebrow pencil that creates a soft, natural look without being overbearing.
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- This eyebrow pencil comes in soft, natural-looking colors to not be overbearing or artificial looking when used.
- This product has a 1mm thickness that allows for the user to draw various styles of eyebrows from thin to thick.
- This eyebrow pencil was inspired by specific animals, symbolizing the temptations and greed of each of the animals.
- This product is created with a vegan formula and has been officially certified vegan in Korea.

- 421 Leone : a corduroy beige inspired by lions, which symbolize pride
- 422 Pantera : a combination of caramel ash and sandy ash inspired by panthers, which symbolize greed
- 423 Lupo : a maroon gray inspired by wolves, which symbolize lust

  1. Draw the desired shape with the wide side of the brow.
  2. Fill in the eyebrows with two points according to the desired shape.
  3. Gently blend with a soft brush to shape the eyebrows.

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