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Dante One by One Eye Definer 1ea

$16.00 $21.00
An eyeliner with a dark but soft shade for a natural yet unique look that resembles watercolor paint
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- This eyeliner has a creamy, matte texture allowing the user to easily create looks without worrying about smudging.
- This product comes in 7 different shades, allowing the user to create a vast range of looks.
- This eyeliner is waterproof and does not smudge when in contact with water or oil.
- This product is created with a vegan formula and has been officially certified vegan in Korea.

- 430 Abyss : a shade softer than black but darker than brown that is the perfect color for filling in between eyelashes
- 431 In the Dark : a dark shade of toffee brown that resembles the color of shadows and creates a natural look compared to black eyeliner
- 432 In the Mid : an ash beige that goes well with any makeup look
- 433 In the Light : a corduroy beige eyeliner that can also be used for creating Korean Dolly Eyes or double eyelids
- 434 Rendezvous : a vintage rose-like color great for filling in the lower eyelids
- 435 Love : a fig, rosy coral that creates a feminine look
- 436 Bliss : an ivory eyeliner that can be used for filling in the lower eyelid or creating Korean Dolly Eyes

  1. Draw along the eyes to create prominent eyes.

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