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Dante One by One Eye Pencil 1ea

$14.00 $18.00
A pencil eyeliner that gives a unique look with its soft, unique range of colors inspired by Dante’s Inferno.
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- This eyeliner is quick drying, allowing for clean usage of eyeliner without smudging.
- This product has a 0.01mm tip, allowing the user to draw any line from fine lines to thick lines.
- This eyeliner has a brush tip, which allows the user to draw with meticulous detail without the smudging of other eyeliners on the market.

- 411 In the Dark : a natural-looking shade of toffee ash for those who found black to be too dark and brown to be too bright
- 412 In the Light : a light, ash-beige that creates a soft, natural look and does not look overpowering when applied

  1. Draw along the eyes to create prominent eyes.

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